Dr Ola Onuch

Senior Lecturer in Politics

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Dr. Onuch is currently accepting Doctoral Thesis supervision proposals related to:

  • Comparative Protest Politics, Social Mobilization, Social Movements (all regions but specifically in EE and LA).
  • Measure and Capturing ethnicity and ethno-linguistic identies.
  • Political behaviour and democratic institutions in Eastern Europe or Latin America region (i.e. elections, protest, civil society, political parties).
  • Contemporary politics of country cases that I work on: Ukraine, Poland, Argentina and Brazil.
  • The relationship between migration and protest.
  • The EU’s role in EE, Eastward Enlargement and The ENP.
  • Comparative assessment of the 'Quality of Democracy'.
  • Democracy promotion (specifically in EE but also more broadly).

Dr. Onuch is currently supervising the following PhD Students:

  • Craig Proctor, Explaining Radical Right Wing Mobilization in Post-EuroMaidan Ukraine (Primary Supervisor)
  • Anna Glew, Memory Politics in Ukraine in the Post-EuroMaidan Period 
  • Alina Nychyk, EU-Ukraine-Russia relations during the conflict in Ukraine (Primary Supervisor)
  • Ana Martinez, Resistances to reproductive rights in Latin America: Argentina & El Salvador
  • Emma Mateo (Oxford University), Regional Diffussion of Mass Mobilistaion in Ukraine (Primary Supervisor)
  • Cressida Arkwright (Case Studentship with British Council Ukraine),Youth Engagement in Young Democracies (Primary Supervisor)

Onuch has in the past advised on and co-supervised Postgraduate Theses focusing on:

  • EU-Ukraine Relations.
  • Frozen Conflicts in FSU.
  • Inter-ethnic conflict in Ukraine.
  • Civil society in the Former Soviet Union.
  • Democracy Promotion.
  • Russia's Foreign Policy in Georgia and Ukraine.
  • Social Media and Protest.

Units taught

Dr. O, as she is known to her students (circa 2008 Oxford), has previously taught Comparative Government, Comparative Politics, Research Methods, EU Enlargement, Politics of The EU, Politics of Europe, Russian and East European Politics, as well as, Latin American Politics at several colleges and the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford and at CERES at The Munk School of Globa Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Currently, at the University of Manchester, Dr. O teaches/convenes: 

  1. Comparative Democratization in EE and LA, Postgraduate MSc/MA Level (Convener 2017-)
  2. Comparative Protest Politics, Undergraduate Year Three (Convener 2014-)
  3. How To Conduct Politics Research, Undergraduate Year Three (Convener 2016-)
  4. East Central European Politics, Undergraduate  Year Two (taught on course in 2015)
  5. Politics Research Project, Undergraduate Year Two (taught on course 2014-2015, convened course 2015-2016)
  6. Engaging Social Research, Undergraduate Year One (taught on course 2015-)
  7. Study Skills (Essay Writing), Undergraduate Year One
  8. Dissertation, Undergraduate Year Three (Supervisor 2014-)
  9. Dissertation, Postgraduate MA/MSc (Supervisor 2014-)

Current teaching-related administrative posts at the University of Manchester:

  1. Politics Coordinator for the BA in Social Sciences Pathway, Politics Department
  2. Director of the MA in European Politics Pathway, Politics Department


Office hours

To book a meeting with Dr. O please use SOHOL https://mats.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/mats/sohol/StudentLogin.asp