Dr Ola Onuch

Senior Lecturer in Politics

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Policy Engagement and Pathways to Impact

Dr. Onuch has engaged with policy makers and practitioners internationally. Currently, she is coordinating a team of researchers investigating the state of thinktanks, and their policy impact, in Ukraine. in 2014 Onuch joined the Open Society Foundation coordinated, Strategic Advisory Group, tasked with advising the President and Government of Ukraine. In this role, she contributed to policy development work related to three policy areas: good governance, anti-corruption and transparency, and social and human development policy.

Further examples of past policy engagement include her experiences as both a researcher and consultant: at the IBRD (World Bank) in Kyiv, Ukraine, as part of the ‘Good Governance Project’, (2001); at the UNDP Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean in New York City, as part of the ‘Democratic Dialogue Project’ (2004); for USAID, PACT Uniter and the OSI Think Tank Fund, on an assessment of Ukrainian Think Tanks; for Oxford Analytica, providing briefings on Ukrainian politics and industry; for the OSCE, research and work related to elections in Ukraine, and for the OECD, on the quality of democracy and quality of Governance, research and indicators. Onuch continues to seek opportunities to not only produce policy-relevant research but also engage and collaborate with larger policy and practitioner communities. 

This is a selected list of consulting, as well as, other academic projects, where I was employed as a researcher.

  1. (2018) Think Tanks in Ukraine (OSI, Think Tank Fund),
  2. (2017-2018) Consultant (Ukraine Expert) on a project examining cultural diplomacy/ cultural relations of British Council and Goethe Institut in Ukraine and Egypt (Project led by Open University and Hertie School of Governance),
  3. (2014) Constitutional Reform, Decentralization in Ukraine as part of the Open Society Foundation coordinated, Strategic Advisory Group to the Ukrainian Government (OSF, EBRD),
  4. (2014-present) Ukrainian Crisis (several EU and North American governments/ Ministries),
  5. (2014-2015) Good Governance Analysis (OECD),
  6. (2012) Think Tanks in Ukraine (OSI, Think Tank Fund, USAID, Uniter-PACT),
  7. (2009) Political Parties in Ukraine (ISS),
  8. (2009-2010) Election Analysis/Monitoring in Ukraine (OSCE),
  9. (2009-2010) Political Preferences of Ukrainian Migrants (Oxford),
  10. (2007-2008) Eastward Enlargement & ENP in Ukraine & Moldova (EU/LSE),
  11. (2004) Lustration and Democratic Dialogue in LA (UNDP),
  12. (2002-2004) Land Tenure Policies in Developing States (Queens’ University, Canada),
  13. (2001) Good Governance in Ukraine (World Bank).