Prof Nuno Gil

Professor of New Infrastructure Development

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Research interests

Design and Organization Theory, Commons Theory, New Infrastructure Development;  Megaproject leadership and governance


Nuno focuses his research on the design of structures and processes can bring the best of people in consensus-oriented (pluralistic) settings, and make the world a better place to live and share with future generations 

Nuno's research has been predominantly informed by studying new infrastructure development projects so-called 'megaprojects'. With his PhD students and collaborators, Nuno has developed theory, conceptual frameworks, and methods for communicating with key societal actors how to design and manage these capital-intensive project-based organizations. His research has investigated development processes, product and organizational architectures, and contracting and procurement strategies. More recently, Nuno has started to study the role of design in tackling the Grand Challenges of the XXI Century including population growth, climate change, and the development of the Global South . Nuno is currently working on two books: an edited book on Achieving Collective Ends with Limited Resources: Lessons from Africa's Struggle to Bridge the Infrastructure Gap (Cambridge Press, 2018); and authoring a book on Designing under Pluralism: Debunking the Performance Myth (MIT, 2018)


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