Dr Nicholas Jepson

Hallsworth Research Fellow in Chinese Political Economy

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I joined GDI in 2016 as a lecturer in globalisation and political economy before taking up my current fellowship in 2019. I previously taught at the universities of Leeds and Bristol.

I study the political-economic implications of the rise of China for the rest of the world.

My forthcoming book In China's Wake examines how China-driven transformation of global commodity markets has affected state-society relations and created new spaces for development in natural resource exporting countries.

My new project focuses on China's growing role as a financier of development projects across the world via the Belt and Road Initiative. I look at what happens when governments struggle to repay their debts to China- and how China's emergence as a major creditor is changing systems of global financial governance.

I am interested in global-historical theories of capitalism and how these can help us understand contemporary processes of development at both national and global scales.  Along these lines I am involved in research on 'transformation analysis' which seeks to identify patterns in the temporal sequencing of socio-economic change. I also have an interest in comparative/historical methods (including Qualitative Comparative Analysis).

I have conducted fieldwork in Ecuador, Zambia, Jamaica and South Africa. In addition to the UK I studied in Germany, the US, India, South Africa and Argentina.

Read my monthly newsletter on China's Belt and Road Initiative here: bri.substack.com


2015- PhD Global Political Economy- University of Bristol (UK)


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