Dr Carolyn JP Jones PhD, DMedSc

Honorary Research Fellow

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Honorary Research Fellow in the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Group at Saint Mary’s Hospital, specialising in electron microscopy and lectin histochemistry. My main role is carrying out independent research and supporting other workers within the group.  I also collaborate with many national and international research groups in the field of placental and endometrial biology.


While working as a medical laboratory technician at Birmingham Dental School I became interested in electron microscopy and decided on a career in morphological research. I enrolled as a mature entry undergraduate at Manchester University obtaining an Honours degree in 1970, followed by an MSc in 1971 and PhD in 1976, the latter being centred on ultrastructural research on the human placenta.

After seven years as a research fellow in the Department of Rheumatology I was invited in 1983 to take up a permanent post in the Pathology Department at Manchester University, and to set up a laboratory for lectin histochemistry. This post, initially technical, was converted to that of Experimental Officer in 1988, which was then upgraded to Senior Experimental Officer in 1994. The post was converted to that of Research Fellow in 1995 and then in 1997 I transferred by mutual agreement to the Academic Unit of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Reproductive Health Care at St Mary’s Hospital as my research interests were almost wholly in reproductive sciences at that time.

Since then I have been engaged in numerous collaborations both within and outside the University, using my expertise in electron microscopy and glycobiology, and now continue to work in an Honorary capacity.


  • 1970 BSc (1st class) Zoology (U of MCR),
  • 1971 MSc (U of MCR),
  • 1976 PhD (U of MCR)
  • 2011 DMedSc (U of MCR)
  • 1970 Fellow of the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences (Histology)

Biology, Medicine and Health (BMH) Domains

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