Dr Razvan Sencu - MSc, PhD, AMRAeS

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Razvan was born and educated in a small city and obtained a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. He completed a Master’s degree with distinction in Structural Engineering at The University of Manchester and obtained a Ph.D. scholarship funded by U.S. Air Force to investigate the damage and fracture mechanics of carbon fibre reinforced composites (CFRPs) as used in the aerospace industry. During his Ph.D. programme, he designed and conducted various tests for capturing the fracture of CFRPs using the latest X-ray Computed Tomography using the synchrotron facilities at Diamond Light Source in the United Kingdom. As a result of his work in multiscale image-based modelling, he was invited by The Royal Society in a prestigious national research meeting that has set the foundation of an image-based modelling developer and material science community continuing to be active today.

He recently completed a postdoctoral employment, working on the structural and fire performance resistances of a new reusable steel-concrete floor system. New ties were established with academia and industry - especially for software advisory and for understanding existing industrial processes for the production of modular systems and machinery designs. Functionalised composite materials and their performance in extreme environments were also part of some discussions, particularly exploring new systems, materials, coatings, composites and affordable testing technology trends. An interest was developed for manufacturing of complete systems and re-manufacturing of metallic and non-metallic components. New interests also include energetic & advanced materials for autonomous systems, in short, systems of systems that will allow faster and more intelligent fabrication and manufacturing processes.

Some activities included participating in many technical events such as: research visits, conferences, facility & software user meetings, scientific talks, hackathons and workshops. For example, he worked with partners in Shanghai-China for the design and guidance of several large scale tests of reusable composite slabs at ultra-high elevated temperatures up to about 1200degC. He disseminated the postdoctoral findings featuring mechanical testing and FE thermo-mechanical modelling in Hong Kong China, and was part of a World Summit Hackathon in Boston-USA - working on the functionalised optimisation design of an aerospace bracket.
Over the years, he witnessed many technical talks on analytical models including topics related to nuclear materials and physics; he participated in certain entrepreneurial workshops and was part of trainings for prototyping various machines with advanced state-machine software architectures. He also attended a relatively large number of technology related exhibitions and talked to various companies at notable expos: Industry 4.0, Southern & Northern Technologies, SNIEC world expo, Public Sector Solutions Expo and other construction related or smaller showrooms on robotics.

While at School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, he joined most of the active technical groups working on X-ray imaging, material engineering/ sciences and numerical modelling groups. He helped various undergraduate, master and graduate Ph.D. level students and was involved in a few small consultancy engineering projects featuring material and product structural optimisations, ballistic bullet impacts and structural response simulations.

Razvan currently serves as an Export Controls Compliance Officer at University of Manchester.

External positions

AMRAeS, The Royal Aeronautical Society

1 Aug 201728 Sep 2022

Education / academic qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Master in Science
  • Doctor of Engineering

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Activity: Participating in or organising event(s)Participating in a conference, workshop, exhibition, performance, inquiry, course etc

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