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I first joined the University of Manchester in 2004 to work under Prof Nikolay Mehandjiev and Dr Iain Stalker on two European research projects - MaBE (Multi agent business systems) ran from 01/04 - 06/05 and Crosswork (, 01/04 - 12/06). These related to multi agent systems and virtual organisation formation. The SUDDEN European project -Sudden (01/06 - 9/09) - was a follow up to these projects.

In addition I later worked on the Commius (, 02/08-10) and SO4All (, 03/08 - 10) European research projects. Commius attempted to use e-mail to develop an interoperability solution usable by small and medium sized enterprises while soa4all investigated end user friendly software service composition. 

I subsqeuently moved to the University of Teesside for three years where I worked on the SEMANCO project which aimed to use semantic technologies to assist in the intilligent rating of the energy efficiency of housing stock.

I returned to the University in early 2015 to work under Proffessor Ross King on two research projects relating to his robot scientist - one (AdaLab) involving the study of the yeast diauxic shift and the other (Big Mechanism) attempting to extract mechanistic information from the biology literature and to combine them into models.

Finally, in February 2018 I moved to AMBS to work for three years under Prof Ser-huang Poon. This work is focusing on extracting human rights related information from the reports produced by companies and using this to develop metrics to guide ethical investment.

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