Ms Petra Larsen

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Petra is a PhD Candidate at the University of Manchester since September 2016. Her research within International Law/Law of the Sea focuses on liability aspects of the developing legal framework on commercial exploitation of deep sea minerals. Petra holds an LLM in Law from the University of Gothenburg which includes a Master year at Radbound University (the Netherlands) within International and European law. She additionally holds a BA in global studies and languages and has experience as a bilateral relations generalist having been a trainee at the Swedish Embassies in Riga and the Hague.

At Manchester University Petra is a Teaching Assistant in the EU Law mdule since October 2018 and will be teaching Public International law from January 2020. She is also an active member of the Manchester International Law Centre (MILC) and Women in International Law Network (WILNET). Through the Swedish Embassies, MILC and WILNET she has worked on several international conferences and was in 2018 a member of the Organising Committee for the 14th European Society in International Law Annual Conference. 

Areas of expertise: International Law, Marine Environmental Law, Law of the Sea, Deep Sea Mining Regulation 

Thesis title: 'Proposal for Higher Standards of Liability and Global Benefit Sharing in Deep Sea Mining'.

Petra can be contacted via email at 

Areas of expertise

  • K Law (General) - International Law, Marine Environmental Law, Deep Sea Mining Regulation


  • Deep Sea Mining, Deep Sea Minerals, Common Heritage of Mankind, UNCLOS Agreement XI, International Seabed Authority, ISA regulation, Precautionary Approach, Serious harm , Ecosystem-based Approach, Best Environmental Practices, Best Available Technology, Pilot Mining Tests, Monitoring, Adaptive Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Plan, Contractor Liability, Sponsoring State Liability, Parallel legal regimes, Dispute resolution