Mr Gabriel Rogers

Senior Research Fellow

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I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Manchester Centre for Health Economics.

I work in evidence synthesis and decision-analytic modelling, with a particular interest in the joint analysis of interacting decision-points in clinical pathways. I like developing approaches, tools and templates that help people approach these endeavours in consistent and reliable ways. I also have an interest in data visualisation and other techniques for communicating the structure and outputs of complex decision-analytic models to nonexperts.


Before joining the University of Manchester, I spent a decade working for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). I was the lead health economist on about 30 clinical guidelines, reviewing evidence and developing original cost-effectiveness models to support decision-making committees comprising clinical and patient experts. I estimate that I have contributed to around 200 national policy meetings of one type or another, mostly in the position of defending original analysis that I have conducted or overseen. My previous professional history includes time at the University of Exeter and some experience in medicolegal research.

External positions

Member, Technology Appraisal Committee, The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence

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