Miss Harriet Bickley

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I have 25 years of mental health research & administrative experience at the Centre for Mental Health and Safety, at the University of Manchester.

In line with University goals, I also have an established side-hustle in social responsibility and environmental sustainability, and provide advice and knowledge on these too. 

For the last 11+ years I have worked at the Manchester Self-Harm Project (MaSH), a long-running epidemiological study, identifying clinical and socio-demographic trends in people attending Manchester A&E Emergency Departments following self-harm. Our Principle Investigator is Professor Nav Kapur. Funded by the Department of Health, MaSH forms part of the Multicentre Study of Self-harm in England (MCM), alongside similar studies in Oxford and Derby.

As Data Manager at MaSH, I have responsibility for overseeing and ensuring the quality of the MaSH data used in all MaSH and MCM peer-reviewed papers and reports. 

Prior to MaSH, I worked at The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide & Safety in Mental Health (NCISH) for 14 years. NCISH is another internationally renowned long-term epidemiological study based at The University of Manchester.

Both MaSH and NCISH inform and make recommendations on national suicide prevention initiatives and the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) Guidelines for treatment of patients who present to emergency departments with self-harm. We provide guidance aiming to improve mental health and Emergency Department services for patients who self-harm. 

I process and manage large datasets, create infographics, co-author papers and reports, present research findings, run information stands, and co-facilitate our PPIE group. 

I enjoy collaborating with others, and am happy to meet online to discuss potential collaborations.

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  • Self-harm, Suicide Prevention, Mental health, Emergency medicine

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