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Mary Vogel joined King’s College London School of Law as a Lecturer in 2005 and was made Reader in Law and Democratic Transformation in 2007. In 2011, she came to University of Manchester where she holds the Chair in Criminal Law.  Dr. Vogel’s research focuses on a series of interconnected interests in law, politics, globalization, democracy and governance. She received a funded Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust, 2008-2010, and a research grant from the British Academy, 2013-2015.

Since completing her doctorate at Harvard University in 1988, Dr. Vogel has taught at Northwestern University, the State University of New York, the University of Michigan, University of California at Santa Barbara. She has been named: Bunting Fellow at Harvard University (1992-93); Visiting Scholar at the American Bar Foundation (1996); John Adams Fellow at the University of London (1998); Visiting Fellow at Wolfson College and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Oxford (1999); Visiting Fellow (2001-2003) and Associate Research Fellow (2003-2009), IALS, School for Advanced Study, University of London; Senior Visiting Fellow (2008) and Associate Resarch Fellow (2009-2011), Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford and Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California at Berkeley (2010).

Mary Vogel has written Coercion to Compromise: Plea Bargaining, the Courts and the Making of Political Authority (OUP 2007) and edited Crime, Inequality and the State (Routledge 2007). Coercion to Compromise was a Finalist for the British Society of Criminology Book Prize in 2008. Dr. Vogel’s recent articles include: “The Social Origins of Plea Bargaining: Conflict and the Law in the Process of State Formation” (1999); “The Irony of Imprisonment” (2007); “Embedded Liberty: Imagining Citizenship for a World of Self-Rule: The American Courts in the Early National Period” (2007), “Situating Legislative Drafting” (2008), "Between Markets and Hierarchies: Law and the Constituting of Postcolonial Authority in the 'Imagined' American Republic, 1820-1850. From Discourse to Discipline" (2011), "The Social Origins of Plea Bargaining: An Approach to the Empirical Study of Discretionary Leniency" (2008) and "Plea Bargaining: Enigmas of Coercion, Fairness and Efficiency: Interpreting Fifty Years of Conflicted Research into Its Contemporary Consequences" (2013) . “The Social Origins of Plea Bargaining: Conflict and the Law in the Process of State Formation” won the Law and Society Association’s award for Best Article of 1999 as well as the American Sociological Association, Law Section, Distinguished Article Prize for 1999-2000.

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