Mr Gabriel Hawkins-Pottier

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Gabriel Hawkins-Pottier is a PhD student with the Graphene NOWNANO CDT. In April 2019, he started the project "Electronic and Optical Control of Topological Excitations in 2D Superconductors", supervised by Prof Niels Walet, Dr Alessandro Principi and Prof Francisco Guinea.

He completed an MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics at the University of Manchester in 2018. The MPhys project explored fractal and topological properties of wavefunctions on prefractal lattices and was performed in collaboration with Sapphire Lally and supervised by Prof Niels Walet.

Areas of expertise

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2018 - Master of Physics, Fractal Wavefunctions and Topological Properties of Sierpinksi Carpet Lattices, The University of Manchester (2014 - 2018)

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