Dr Noemi Sinkovics


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The driving force behind my research is to make a contribution to knowledge production at the business-society interface. My research focuses on how organisations can conduct business in an environmentally and socially sustainable way without risking financial viability.

My current research projects are centering around the following themes:

1)  Conscious business practices, social value creation, and human rights

2)  Theoretical and practical issues related to the notion of entrepreneurship and implications for international business

3)  Entrepreneurial business model design and capability development

4)  Theory building and methodological issues

The same commitment that propels my research also inspires my teaching. For me teaching and research are inseparable. My teaching philosophy is to balance content with experience and inspiration. All of my pedagogical strategies are dedicated to offering students a platform where they are not only exposed to cutting-edge academic research but also have the opportunity to experiment, experience, and self-reflect. I often create a controlled learning environment, where students can have a personal experience of dissonance between how they think they would behave in a situation and how they actually behave. This method leads to experiential knowledge and a source of inspiration.


Research and projects

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