Dr Noemi Sinkovics


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PhD supervision

I welcome PhD applications that fall within the broader CIBER research agenda and my research interests in particular.

  • Rising Powers and emerging economies: How do firms from emerging economies compete in the global marketplace? What are their attitudes towards social value creation? Business strategies, capabilities and structures are path dependent and vary across different countries and institutional contexts. How do emerging market firms capitalize on their path dependent innovation capabilities and business model design?


  • Social value creation – practices that benefit society at large: How can social value be defined and what is its implication for international business and entrepreneurship theories? How does social value manifest itself in different economic and political contexts? How can social value be organically incorporated into business models? What are alternative finance models for non-profit organisations and social enterprise?

  • Conscious business practices, mindfulness, and wellbeing in organisations: There is an increasing body of literature on the role of mindfulness and spirituality in the workplace. New forms of unfreedoms (Sen, 1999) are emerging in both developed and developing economies. What are these unfreedoms and what part does business play in their creation and/or elimination? How can mindfulness practices contribute to the design of business models that are not only successful in terms of financial performance but also contribute to the physical and mental well-being of their employees and create social value for its customers and society at large?