Prof Noel Castree

Professor of Geography

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Postgraduate Opportunities

I welcome inquiries from well qualified, independent minded graduates from a range of social science backgrounds. I am cosupervising, or have supervised, the following:

Gizem Grunberg 'The roll back of nature conservation measures in neoliberal Turkey' (SEED funded, 2018-22).

Matt McMullen 'Rewilding Scotland's highlands' (ESRC funded, 2014-18).

Sophie Lewis (BA, MSc, Oxford). Rethinking work, gender and labour: more-than-capitalist agency in commerical surrogacy (ESRC-funded, 2013-16).

Daniel Banoub (MA, York). The political economy of fish farming in Newfoundland and Labrador (Memorial University funded, 2012-15).

Craig Thomas (MSc, Manchester). Fracking, place and civic protest in contemporary Britain (SEED-funded, 2011-18).

Laura Pottinger (MA, Manchester). The moral economy of seed saving in England (SEED-funded 2010-16).

Tomas Fredericksen (MA, Manchester). The political ecology of mining in Zambia (Marie Curie funded, 2006-10).

Jason Beery (MA, Penn State). The production of outer space. (SED-funded, 2007-11).

Miranda Morgan (MSc, Oxford). Woman, public protest and land use change in rural Indonesia (Brooks World Poverty Institute funded, 2007-11).

David Lier (MA, Oslo). Social movement unionism as a strategy to counter cost-recovery reforms in South Africa (SED and ORS funded 2005-8).

Lisa Ficklin (MSc, Bath). The Political Ecology of Environmental Crisis: Neoliberalising Nature and Political Identity in Nicaragua (part-time, SED-funded 2005-12).

Ramon Ribera (MA, Manchester). Urban revanchism and the commodification of culture (Manchester University funded 2001-04).