Dr Nils Muhlert PhD

Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

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2015-                     1st year Lifespan and Ageing, BSc Psychology (Unit Lead)

2015-                     3rd year Emotion, BSc Psychology                              

2016-                     Introduction to Cognition, BSc Psychology

2016-                     Neuroanatomy, MSc Cognitive & Clinical Neuroimaging

2015-                     Epilepsy & Memory, MSc Cognitive & Clinical Neuroimaging


2014                      Memory function & dysfunction, MSc Neuroimaging
                             Cardiff University.

2014-2015              Statistics, BA/ BSc Psychology
                             Cardiff University

2013-2015              Neuroanatomy, MSc Neuroimaging, 
                              Cardiff University.

Additional Teaching

2014-                   Course Faculty, 'Visceral Mind' Neuroanatomy Course 
                            Bangor University

2013-2015             Neuroanatomy demonstrator, BSc Biomedical Science 
                            Cardiff University.

2005-2007             Neuroanatomy demonstrator, BMS & Medicine, 
                            University of Sheffield