Prof Nikolay Mehandjiev

Professor of Enterprise Information Syst

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Research interests

Dr Nikolay Mehandjiev researchers approaches and models which enable non-technical audience to design dynamic service systems. Key techniques used are intelligent software systems and formalised domain knowledge, and an example of a key result is a recursive model linking goals and processes involved in setting up and coordinating the work of dynamic collaborative organisations. The research is grounded in the actual needs of our industrial partners, including IT companies (e.g. SAP, Atos Origin, BT), and automotive companies (e.g. MAN, Magna Intier).   

Achieving the core research objective requires the pursuit of two main strands of research: (a) end user development in the context of service-based systems; and (b) knowledge-based support software for collaborative work. The results from each strand are then integrated to enable the construction of flexible systems supporting the collaborative user-driven development of service-based systemsMehandjiev collaborates with the telecommunications, e-commerce and energy sectors and has had collaborative projects with BT Research Labs, BG Technology, SAP, IBM, Atos Origin, MAN, etc. New technologies underlying these projects include visual interactive business models and visual programming: intelligent agents; ultra-fast application development and end-user development; simulation; software architectures; and ontologies.


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