Prof Nigel Vincent

Emeritus Professor

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My research interests lie in the modelling of grammatical change using feature-based approaches to morphology and syntax, especially within the framework of Lexical-Functional Grammar (joint work with Kersti Börjars). I have written numerous articles and chapters on the categories and mechanisms of linguistic change and on the history and structure of Latin and the Romance languages, in particular on Italian and the dialects of Italy. I was co-director of the AHRC-funded project entitled Sintassi degli Antichi Volgari d'Italia (2000-5). I co-edited with Martin HarrisStudies in the Romance Verb (1982)andThe Romance Languages (1988)andwas the editor of the Journal of Linguistics (1983-1993). I also co-edited with Paola Benincà and Tullio De Mauro and contributed to Italiano e dialetti nel tempo: Saggi di grammatica per Giulio C. Lepschy (Rome, Bulzoni 1996), and with Ans van Kemenade a collection of papers from the 3rd Conference on Diachronic Generative Syntax entitled Parameters of Morphosyntactic Change (CUP, 1997).


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