Prof Nicola Tirelli PhD, FRSC


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Research interests

Our research focus is on the molecular design and processing of polymeric materials for biomedical applications, what we generally call 'biomaterials'. Specifically, we are interested in the molecular design of (nano)materials that interact with a biological environment in responsive fashion, for example in the form of responsive release of active principles (drugs) from nanocarriers, bioresponsive formation of tissue engineering matrices.

Currently, we are much interested inflammatory pathologies; in particular we study in depth the interactions of inflammatory cells with nanomaterials (e.g. different modes of endocytosis), and the modulation of cell phenotype during inflammatory activation through the properties of the matrices the cells are cultured in/on.

To know more, visit the web site of the Laboratory of Polymers and Biomaterials.

Methodological knowledge

Our activity encompasses polymer chemistry (e.g. synthesis of block copolymers, polymerisation in emulsion, also synthesis of specific monomers), materials science (e.g. rheology of soft materials, characterisation of colloids) and cell biology (e.g. leukocytes and fibroblasts, and their inflammatorily activated phenotypes).


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