Prof Nav KapurMBChB, MMedSc, FRCPsych, MD

Professor of Psychiatry & Population Health

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Research interests

Nav’s research focuses on the aetiology, treatment and prevention of suicidal behaviour. His main areas of research are:

• The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide which collects data on all individuals in the United Kingdom who have died by suicide and obtains detailed information from clinicians on all those who have had contact with mental health services in the year prior to death.

• The MaSH Project which collects data on all those who have harmed themselves (by self-poisoning or self-injury) and present to hospital services in the city of Manchester. He is also the Manchester lead for a multi-centre programme of work with colleagues in Oxford and Derby

• NIHR Programme Grants. Nav jointly leads, with colleagues in Bristol and Oxford, a multi-centre programme of clinical and public health research in support of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England .  The programme aims to develop interventions to prevent suicidal behaviour at times of economic recession, produce resources for parents whose children are harming themselves, examine the role of risk assessment and risk assessment tools, consider how services should respond to advance decisions to refuse treatment in the context of suicidal behaviour.  This work follows on from the group’s initial NIHR programme grant. 

He also led the suicide component of an additional NIHR Programme Grant into Bipolar Disorder

• Other research areas:
- Suicide and physical illness
- Epidemiology of self-harm in the general population and population impact of risk factors.
- Suicide in the military
- The medical management of overdose as a strategy to reduce suicide deaths
- Understanding geographical influences on rates of suicide
- Developing comprehensive aetiological models of suicidal behaviour incorporating clinical, psychological and biological measures.
- The aetiology and treatment of abnormal illness behaviour.

Other academic activities:

Nav acts as an expert reviewer for leading academic journals and grant giving bodies and has contributed to a number of clinical guidelines (such as NICE, WHO, and BAP guidelines). He is a Member of the Scientific Advisory Council for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and an elected Fellow of the International Academy of Suicide Research. He also acts as an expert advisor to the media on suicide and suicidal behaviour.



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