Dr Nathan Owston

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

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Nathan is the department curriculum lead for organic chemistry and for small group teaching and learning. His teaching responsibilities include delivery of core courses in organic chemistry (years 1-3 & PG), convenership of the synthetic teaching laboratories and supervison of research projects in both the UG and PG programmes.

Units taught

Year 1

CHEM10101 Introductory Chemistry (Module Convener)

Year 2

CHEM22600 Practical Chemistry (Module Convener)

CHEM20412 Structure and Reactivity of Organic Molecules (Module Convener)

Year 3

CHEM30411/31411 Core Chemistry 1: i) Stereoselective Synthesis; ii) Pericyclic Reactions (Module Convener)

CHEM30620 Advanced Practical Training

Year 4

CHEM41600 Chemistry Project (Educational Research)

MSc Chemistry (PGT)

CHEM60101 Core 1 (Module Convener)

CHEM61022 Dissertation