Miss Natasha Burns

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Research interests

Natasha's postgradute research will focus on the new roles undertaken by pharmacits across Greater Manchester. Particular attention will be paid to identiy work, professionalism and professional boundary changes.

 The project objectives are to:

  1. Synthesise the existing literature around new models of pharmacy professional work in primary care;
  2. Describe emerging models of pharmacy professional work in primary care settings in Greater Manchester and what they are intended to achieve;
  3. Explore how new pharmacy professional roles are perceived by key stakeholder groups;
  4. Understand the impact of new pharmacy professional roles on professional identities; professional boundaries; and multidisciplinary team working across general practice, community pharmacy and other services.
  5. Provide early evidence about the extent to which the introduction of such roles is likely to meet current policy objectives of reducing workload pressures in GP practices.

Natasha also has a keen interest in public engagement, narrative communication, population health policy and bioethics. During her career Natasha has also managed two large scale European funded projects:

Globalising European Bioethics Education (Research Associate) - Funded by Erasmus Mundus €261 904 (2008 - 2011) - Led by Anthony Mark Cutter - Innovation in Society Unit - University of Central Lancashire

The GLEUBE project aimed to promote European bioethics internationally and to act as an educatioal resource as well as a platform to discuss the current issues occurring within the world of European Bioethics. 

Alcopop Tv Culture (Research Associate) - Funded by Daphne III Programme (2010 - 2012)- Led by Anthony Mark Cutter - Innovation in Society Unit - University of Central Lancashire

Alcopop Tv Culture was a European Project based on fictional media representations of Alcohol and alcohol related violence, and how this impacts on youth drinking culture. The aim was to give young people a voice in issues that directly affect them. 



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