Prof Natalie Shlomo

Professor of Social Statistics

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Research interests

Survey statistics in the areas of survey design and estimation, small area estimation, non-response analysis and adjustments, quality indicators for representative response, adaptive survey designs, statistical disclosure control, statistical data editing and imputation, data linkage and integration.


  • European Union 7th Framework Research Grant:  RISQ (Representativity Indicators for Survey Quality), March 2008-June 2010.
  • Statistics Netherlands Research Grant, October 2010-December 2011.
  • Department  of Health, United Kingdom,  UK Survey of Bereaved Relatives Death- Voices Questionnaire, July 2009-January 2012.
  • European Union 7th Framework Research Grant:   BLUE-ETS (BLUE-Enterprise and Trade Statistics), March 2010-March 2013.
  • European Union 7th Framework Research Grant:   DwB (Data Without Boundaries), May 2011–May 2015.
  • European Union 7th Framework Research Grant: InGrid (Inclusive Growth Infrastructure Diffusion),  March 2013-March 2017 
  • ESRC funded: National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) with Universities Southampton and Edinburgh, October 2014-October 2019
  • The LeverhulmeTrust International Network Grant: BADEN (Bayesian Adaptive Survey Design Network),  January 2015-January 2018
  • European Union H2020: InGRID2 (Integrating Expertise in Inclusive Growth 2), May 2017-May 2021
  • Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research: Net-SILC3 (Third Network for the Analysis of EU-SILC), April 2016-April 2020
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Theoretical Sampling Design Options for a New Birth Cohort, January-March 2019
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): CoDE:  Exploring Racial and Ethnic Inequality in a time of Crisis, October 2020-May 2021
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC): Methodological Advancements on the use of Administrative Data in Official Statistics, February 2021-July 2022  


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