Miss Naomi Sutton

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Activities and esteem

  • I was a member of the core team who organised the international UCL Americas Research Network (ResNet) Fifth Annual Conference in 2019, where I chaired two ninety minute panels (National Security in the Twenty-First Century and Race, State and Institutions) and organised the podcast recording of the event.
  • I attended the BAAS conference in Hull in April 2022.
  • I presented the paper 'How Hollywood became the Enemy: Constructions of the Women of Hollywood' (1980-1989)' at the SALC work-share event in May 2022.
  • I am the Vice-President and Secretary of the American Studies PGR Society. We founded this society to complement the American Studies PGR experience at the University, and to build a community of students through academic pursuits, wellbeing sessions and social events.