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Research Students Completed Theses

Dr Wenjing Zhao


Sara Laviosa-Braithwaite (1996) 
The English Comparable Corpus (ECC): A Resource and a Methodology for the Empirical Study of Translation

Fotios Karamitroglou (1998)
Towards a Methodology for the Investigation of Norms in Audiovisual Translation: The Choice between Subtitling and Revoicing in Greece

Dorothy Kenny (1999) 
Norms and Creativity: Lexis in Translated Text

Khalid Al-Shehari (2000) 
The Semiotics and Translation of Advertising Texts: Conventions, Constraints and Translation Strategies, with Particular Reference to English and Arabic

Nihad Mansour (Thesis awarded by Alexandria University, with distinction, 2000) 
Criteria for the Assessment of Literary Translation, with Special Reference to English Translations of Yusuf Idris

Keith Harvey (2001) 
Translating the Queens' English: Parodic Femininity in Fictional Representations of Gay Talk: A Study of French Representations of Late 1970s American Gay Fiction

Waleed Al-Amri (2002) 
Semiotics, Translation and the Press Gabriela Saldanha (2002) A Corpus-Based Study of Gender Performance in Translation

Pilar Orero (2003) 
The Translation of Nonsense with Reference to the Works of Edward Lear in Spanish and Catalan Translations

Jehan Zitawi (2004)
The Translation of Disney Comics in the Arab World: A Pragmatic Perspective

Sung-Hee Kirk (2005) 
Cohesion Shifts in English-Korean Translation

Carmen Dayrell (2005) 
Investigating Lexical Patterning in a Comparable Corpus of Brazlian Portuguese

Dimitrios Asimakoulas (2005) 
Brecht in Dark Times: Translations of Brecht's Works in the Censorship Context of the Greek Junta (1967-1974)

Wenjing Zhao(2005) 
Hu Shi's Rewritings and the Construction of a New Culture

Wallace Chen (2006) 
Explicitation through the Use of Connectives in Translated Chinese: A corpus-based Study


PhD Student Dinner in Manchester, 2007


Sameh Fekry Hanna (2006)
Towards a Sociology of Drama Translation: A Boudieusian Perspective on Translation of Shakespeare's Great Tragedies in Egypt

Michela Baldo (2009)
Translation and Renarration in Italian Canadian Writing: Codeswitching, Focalisation, Voice and Plot in Nino Ricci's Plot and Its Italian Translation

Mahmoud Al-Herthani (2009)
Edward Said in Arabic: Narrativity and Paratextual Framing

Julie Boéri (2009)
Babels, the Social Forum and the Conference Interpreting Community: Overlapping and Competing Narratives of Activism and Interpreting in the Era of Globalisation

Ahmed Saleh Elimam (2009)
Clause-Level Foregrounding in the Translation of the Quran into English: Patterns and Motivations

Sue-Ann Harding (Co-supervision with Professor Vera Tolz) (2009)
News as Narrative: Reporting and Translating the 2004 Beslan Hostage Disaster

Amer Al-Adwan (2009)
Euphemism as Politeness Strategy in Screen Translation in the Arab World

Souhad Hijazi Al Sharif (2009)
Translation in the Service of Advocacy in the Context of the Middle East Conflict: Images of Palestinian Women

Vicki Flippance (2009)
In Search of a Model for Assessing the Quality of Advertisements in Translation

Ashraf Abdul-Fattah (2010)
A Corpus-based Study of Conjunctive Explicitation in Arabic Translated and Non-translated Texts Written by the Same Translators/Authors

Tingting Sun (2012)
Interpreters' Mediation of Government Press Conferences in China: Participation Framework, Footing and Face Work

Maria A. Aguilar Solano (2012)
Healthcare Interpreters' Perception of their Position in the Field of Public Service Interpreting in Spain: A Bourdieusian Perspective

Abdulla Al-Khamis (2013)
Socio-cultural Perspectives on Translation Activities in Saudi Arabia: A Bourdieusean Account

Kyung-Hye Kim (2013)
American and South Korean News Discourses about North Korea and Their Mediation via Translation: A Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis

Sally Marshall (2013)
The Epistemological Paradox of Translating Autobiography: An Analysis of Experiential Vantage in Translated vs. Non-translated Autobiographies in English and Japanese

Sofia Malamatidou (2013)
Translation and Language Change: The Impact of English on Modern Greek, with Reference to Popular Science Articles 

Xiao Di (2014)
Renarrating China: The Construction of Chinese Cultural Identity in English Translations of Chinese Novels in the UK and US, 1980-2010

Dinithi Karaunanayake (2015)
Theatre Translation, Communities of Practice and the Sri Lankan Conflicts: (Re)narration as Political Critique

Amani Lowey (2017)
The Positioning of Web-based Media Outlets in the Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Bourdieusean Analysis

Rebecca Johnson (2017)
The Clash of Articulations: A Narrative Account of Creative Subversion, Intersectional Identity and Islam in Post-9/11 Britain and France

Neil Sadler (2017)
Analysing Fragmented Narratives: Twitter Reporting of the 3 July 2013 Events in Egypt

Jan Buts (2019)
Political Concepts and Prefiguration: A Corpus-Assisted Enquiry into Democracy, Politics, and Community