Dr Mohamed Abadi

Lecturer in the Management of Projects

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Research interests

Research-wise, I often view construction data/problems as Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) that require a multilevel processing to support data-driven planning & control and decision-making. The "micro-meso-macro" framework has a great potential for embracing complexity of construction data/systems and informing data organisation to facilitate a multilevel planning & control. I also believe that new Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and innovative ICTs offer a great opportunity to enhance connectivity across industries and promote automated planning & control, which are the two main features of Industry 4.0. However, the whole situation is further complicated by well-established beliefs and practices, and current structures of construction networks that limit its ability to improve performance. In alignment with this theoretically-informed thinking, I have supervised several MSc-by-research and PhD projects in different areas of Management of Projects. This has resulted in several academic papers. I am currently looking at Circular Economy CE in construction, from the transformational complex systems rather than from the technological linear systems point of view, to identify issues and challenges associated with the transformation to CE. Hence, my current list of research interests includes: 


  • Circular Economy (CE) in Construction
  • Risk Management in Construction Projects
  • Construction Communications
  • Virtual Teams (VTs) in Construction
  • Contractor Prequalification & Bid Evaluation
  • Decision-making Methods in general. 



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