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A central theme in my research is Philosophy of Religion, in particular religious language. I am author of Reading Philosohy of Religion with Graham Oppy (Monash) for Wiley-Blackwell (2010) and Religious Language with Palgrave Macmillan (2013) . The latter book draws on current research in the philosophy of language (as well as work in theology and Continental Philosophy) to develop a novel theory of religious langague. I argue that there is an expressive component in the meaning of religious utterances (although I reject a fully expresssivist theory) and that there are distinctive characteristics to the speech acts employed in religious dicourse. I have published numerous papers in the field and have one fothcoming in Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion.

 I have a number of other philosophical interest and topics on which I have published:

  • Perception, in particular the individuation of the senses. In a paper in progress I defend a fictionalist theory of the senses.
  • Theories of moral motivation.
  • I'm doing some joint research with Lawrence Kelley (Imperial College) on scientific methods in current molecular biology.


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