Dr Michael Hoelzl

Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion

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I have studied Chemistry, Philosophy and Theology in Salzburg, Graz, Berlin and New York. My PhD thesis Kritik der Praktischen Theologie (2003) tried to analyse predominant forms of authority in pastoral discourse with respect to J. Habermas and M. Foucault. I joined the department of Religions and Theology at the University of Manchester as a lecturer of Philosophy of Religion. My research interests are: Christian Anthropology, Modern Continental Philosophy and Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy in particular, theories of secularisation and, what I have called, 'The New Visibility of Religion' (including popular culture ie. film, art and literature). I am interested in supervising students (BA, MA and PhD) in these areas. Among my recently completed PhD students are Dr. Richard Benda who has written on the impact of faith based communities in post-genocide Rwanda, Dr. Anchu Tee on Bishop Ting and the Three-Self-Movement, Dr. Qui Zhengi (Law) on Carl Schmitt and China, Dr. Ruth Hadley on Tolerance. Over the last five years I have translated, together with Prof. Graham Ward (Regius Professor Oxford, Christ Church) Carl Schmitt's Political Theology II and his Dictatorship. I am currently teaching: Introduction to the History of Philosophy, Theological Studies in Phlisophy and Ethics, Problems in Philosophy of Religion: Evil and Religion and Civil Society (MA level). I am also a founding member of the Kinderuni Steyr where I teach every year since 2003.

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