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I am currently a senior experimental officer with responsibility for development of instrumentation, prior to my current post I was an FGAM instrument scientist with a primary responsibility for cloud physics instrumentation. I have been employed at The University of Manchester since completing my PhD in 1999.

I am a Co-I on MC4, a NERC project to study the effects of composition and mixing state on black carbon properties, using the newly-developed soot particle (SP) AMS in conjunction with an SP2, Aethalometer, and Photoacoustic Soot Photometer (PASS). I am also a Co-I on a NERC project to develop a novel thermal denuder for the study of the volatile organic component of atmospheric aerosol.

My recent work has included development of a relaxed eddy accumulation system for measurement of surface fluxes of trace gas species; design, construction and documentation for instrument installation on the FAAM BAe146 aircraft; work with the Manchester Ice Nucleus Chamber; extensive work with the single particle soot photometer and other soot particle instruments; and development of software and design of hardware for the new Whitworth Meteorological Observatory which was installed during autumn 2010. Over the years I have been extensively involved in a large number of UK and international field projects including: ACE-ASIA, ACE2, ACTIVEAPPRAISE-CLOUDSBIOGENICECITYFLUXCLACE 2-6COBRAEMERALD 1 and 2, GRAMINAE, Holme Moss, NAMBLEX, OP3REPARTEE 1 and 2RHAMBLE, TORCH 1 and 2, and VOCALS.

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