Dr Max Jones

Senior Lecturer (Modern British History)

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Research Supervision:

Please email me if you're interested in postgraduate study, or have an idea or a proposal you'd like to discuss.

Postgraduate Research Students - In Progress:

  • George Odysseos: 'Third Worldism and the Mediterranean: The Cypriot Anti-Imperial ‘hub’ and transnational connections to Greece and Britain, c.1950 - 1974'. SALC PhD Studentship. With Prof. Kevin Morgan (Politics).
  • Robert Brown: 'Speed, Celebrity and Heroic Masculinity: Donald Campbell c.1945-1970'. With Dr Aashish Velkar.
  • Alex Spacey: 'The Reception of American Cinema in 1960s Britain'. With Prof. Frank Mort.

PhD Students – Completed:

  • 2021: Simon Browne: 'Masculinities, Heroic Self-Fashioning & Popular Culture: Orde Wingate, David Lloyd Owen and Representations of War'. AHRC CDP Award with Imperial War Museum. With Dr Alexia Yates and Tony Richards (IWM).
  • 2020: Courtney Stickland: 'The Girl Detective in British Culture & Society: Citizenship, Gender, & Girlhood, c. 1910-60'. With Dr Eloise Moss.
  • 2018: Michael Potter: 'Culture, Taste and Contestation in British Television Comedy, 1961-1969'. President's Doctoral Scholarship. With Prof. Frank Mort.
  • 2016: Ian Field: 'The Moors Murders: The Media, Cultural Representations of Ian Brady, Myra Hindley , and the English Landscape, 1965-1967'. With Prof. Frank Mort.
  • 2015: Ed Owens: 'The Media and the Transformation of the British Monarchy, 1932-53'. AHRC-funded. With Prof. Frank Mort.
  • 2014: Kellie Vernon: 'Masculinity & Religion in the Life and Posthumous Reputation of Antarctic Explorer H. R. Bowers, 1902-39'. [Registered for and completed M.Phil.]
  • 2012: Spiros Tsoutsoumpis. ‘Motivation, Masculinity and Everyday Life among SOE Operatives and Greek Resisters, 1941-45’. With Prof. Penny Summerfield.
  • 2011: Ben Anderson. 'The Moral High Ground: Cities, Citizens and Landscape in England and Germany, 1890-1914'. AHRC-funded. With Dr Leif Jerram.
  • 2011: Steven Cunniffe, 'Religion and Empire in Manchester, 1876-1899, with Particular Reference to the Catholic Church'.
  • 2011: Caroline Yorston, 'The Death of Marilyn Monroe and the English Media, 1956-62'. With Dr Julie-Marie Strange.
  • 2010: Ian Boutle, 'Masculinity, National Identity and Modernity: English Land Speed Record Holders, 1907-31'. AHRC-funded. With Prof. Frank Mort.
  • 2007: Charlotte Wildman, 'The Spectacle of Inter-war Manchester and Liverpool: Urban Fantasies, Consumer Cultures, and Gendered Identities'. AHRC-funded. With Prof. Bertrand Taithe.
  • 2003-04: Naoko Kuwata, 'Making Girls Modern: The Introduction of Uniforms for Japanese School Girls, 1914-1939'. Manchester PhD, 2004.
  • 2000-02 Jessica Meyer, 'The First World War and Narratives of Heroic and Domestic Masculinity in Britain, 1915-1937'. Cambridge PhD, 2005.
  • 2000-02 Daniel Coetzee, 'Factors Accounting for Variations in Voluntary Enlistment in Scotland, Aug. 1914 - Dec. 1915'. Cambridge PhD, 2004.