Dr Maurice Nagington BNurs (Hons), PhD

Academic (Teaching & Research) Lecturer

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Research interests

My research interests focus primarily on the study and application of contemporary moral philosophy and queer theorists, in particular the work of post-structuralist authors such as Foucualt, Deleuze and Butler. My main interest with these authors work is their discussion around ethical practice and how the formation of subjects may occur in a more ethical way. In my PhD I applied these ideas to the concept of quality palliative and supportive district nursing care examining how patients and carers subjectivities are produced and in what ways they are precluded from being able to (re)form in ethical ways.

I am keen to apply similar ideas to other areas of healthcare, in particular gay mens health and HIV care and include a wider range of disciplinary approaches such as film, literary and porn studies to inform healthcare practice.

Methodological knowledge

The key methods I have developed during my PhD studies are discourse analysis and aspects of grounded theory utilising semi-structured interviews as a data collection method. I have also conducted a limited amount of work on film and literary analysis and in future research projects hope to expand on these methodological approaches.


Research and projects

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