Prof Mathias Nilsson

Professor of Physical Chemistry

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  1. CCDC 805551: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

    , Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 1 Jan 2011, 10.5517/ccw17jn


  2. Oneshot-iDISPEL:Suppression of 13C satellites in 1H DOSY spectra

    Coombes, S. (Creator), University of Manchester, 24 May 2018, 10.17632/gs4x8gnfsc.1


  3. Semi-real-time pure shift NMR spectroscopy

    , University of Manchester, 26 Apr 2018, 10.17632/wc57dfv6zs.1


  4. Improving the Interpretation of Small Molecule Diffusion Coefficients

    Evans, R. (Creator), University of Manchester, 8 Mar 2018, 10.17632/cxt99xf2d2.2


  5. FESTA: an efficient NMR approach for the structural analysis of mixtures containing fluorinated species

    Rittner, R. (Creator), Coombes, S. (Creator), University of Manchester, 13 Feb 2018, 10.17632/8ppg333jtm.2


  6. PSYCHE 2DJ NMR experimental data, parameters and pulse sequence

    Foroozandeh, M. (Creator), Adams, R. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator), Morris, G. (Creator), University of Manchester, 17 Jun 2015, 10.15127/1.266679


  7. CHORUS quantification 1: Experimental data, analysis tools and simulation code for CHORUS broadband excitation in NMR, part 1

    Morris, G. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator), Power, J. (Creator), Foroozandeh, M. (Creator), University of Manchester, 9 Nov 2015, 10.15127/1.276417


  8. PSYCHEDELIC raw data

    Sinnaeve, D. (Creator), Morris, G. (Creator), Nilsson, M. (Creator), Foroozandeh, M. (Creator), University of Manchester, 3 Sep 2015, 10.15127/1.272102


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