Dr Max Migliorato

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

My previous research interests have been centred on studying the structural and electronic properties of semiconductor self assembled quantum dots, atomistic modelling  of semiconductor materials and nanostructures and modelling of electron microscopy images. In the years I have developed empirical potential methods for calculations of strain and strain realxation in epitaxially grown semiconducotr layers, mostly applied to III-V materials.
I have also maintained a keen interest in strain induced piezoelectricty and developed a novel methodology that proved to be able to accurately predict the piezoelectric coefficient of InGaAs, InGaN and ZnO alloys under strain.

Since 2012 I worked on morphology of Graphene under strain, which lead to a substantial experimental effort in the fabrication of suspended graphene membrane devices, which can be used as Gas sensors or biological sensors.


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