Dr Martina Faller

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

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Postgraduate Supervision

I would be happy to supervise research projects in different areas of semantics and pragmatics, especially (but not necessarily) from a cross-linguistic point of view, as well as (fieldwork-based) descriptive or typologically oriented projects in the area of morphosyntax.  (Note: by pragmatics I mean the pragmatics in the philosophy of language tradition such as speech act theory or (neo)-Gricean theories of implicature. I have no expertise in inter-cultural communication or sociolinguistics.)

Current and Previous Research Students:

  • Pablo Fuentes Opazo (main supervisor, with Dr Graham Stevens): The Semantics of Modality and Tense in Predictive Illocutions: a Cross-linguistic Study in English and Mapudungun
  • Yu Gu (co-supervisor with Dr Graham Stevens): Chinese Definite Descriptions
  • Nathan Duckett (co-supervisor with Dr Graham Stevens): Ascriptives: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis of the Covert Propositional Attitude
  • Julia Kolkmann (graduated 2016, co-supervised with Prof John Payne): The Pragmatics of Possession: Issues in the Interpretation of Pre-Nominal Possessives in English
  • Siavash Rafiee Rad (graduated 2012, co-supervised with Prof John Payne): The syntax and semantics of ellipsis in verb phrases in Persian
  • Samuel Awinkeke Atintono (graduated 2013, co-supervised with Dr Andrew Koontz-Garboden): The Semantics and Grammar of Positional Verbs in Gurene: A typological perspective
  • Oliver Bond (graduated 2006, co-supervised with Prof Kersti Börjars): Aspects of Eleme verbal morpho-syntax