Prof Martin K. Rutter MD, FRCP

Professor of Cardiometabolic Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician

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Collaborators and affiliated staff


  • Sleep/chronotype - Manchester Centre for Biological Timing: Prof David Ray, Dr David Bechtold, Dr Simon Anderson and Prof Andrew Loudon.
  • Diabetes and cardiovascular risk: Prof Darren Ashcroft, Dr Alison Wright, Prof Evan Kontapantelis and Dr Doug Steinke.
  • Vascular stiffness and MAP-CVD studies (UK Biobank; aortic tissue integrative genomics): Prof Bernard Keavney, Dr Hui Guo, Prof Carlo Berzuini, Dr Simon Anderson, Prof Tony Heagerty, Prof Yvonne Alexander, Prof Garth Cooper, Dr Andy Hayes, Dr Leo Zeef, Dr David Gerrard, Dr Adam Stevens, Dr Richard Unwin, Prof Daniel Keenan, Mr Eddie McLaughlin, Mr Ragheb Hasan, Prof Roy Goodacre and Prof Brian Derby.
  • European Male Ageing Study: Prof Fred Wu, Prof Terry O’Neil, Dr Mark Lunt, Dr Agnieszka Swiecick and others. See
  • Islet and pancreas transplantation: Mr David van Dellen, Mr Iestyn Shapey, Mr Petros Yiannoullou and Dr Angela Summers.
  • Psoriasis and cardiovascular disease: Prof Chris Griffiths, Prof Darren Ashcroft, Dr Lis Cordingly and others (see
  • MRC-funded frailty study: Dr Jamie McPhee, Dr Mat Piasecki and Dr Alex Ireland
  • Diabetes and cancer: Prof Andrew Renehan and Dr Matt Sperrin.

Other UK

  • Sleep/chronotype: Prof Debbie Lawlor, Dr Jack Bowden, Dr Simon Kyle, Dr Annemarie Luik, Dr Max Little.
  • Vascular stiffness: Dr Ioanna Tzoulaki, Prof Nilesh Samani, Prof Phil Chowienczyk, Prof Ian Wilkinson, Dr Jack Bowden, Prof Naveed Sattar, Prof Seamus Harrison, Dr Chris Nelson, and Dr Florence Lai.
  • Islet cell transplantation: Prof Jim Shaw, Prof Paul Johnson, Prof Stephanie Amiel, Mr John Casey, Dr Miranda Rosenthal, Prof Jane Speight and Dr Pratik Choudhary.
  • Glucose lowering in non-diabetic hyperglycaemia trial: Prof Simon Griffin, Prof Nick Wareham, Prof Rury Holman, Prof Melanie Davies, Prof Kamlesh Khunti, Prof Naveed Sattar, Prof John Petrie, Dr Colin Greaves, Dr Phil Evans, Dr Ann Millward and Prof Graham Hitman.


  • Sleep/chronotype: Dr Kai Spiegelhalder.
  • MAP-CVD study: Prof Gerard Pasterkamp (Netherlands); Prof Anders Hamsten and Prof Per Eriksson (Sweden).
  • The European Male Ageing Study: several PIs:


  • Sleep/chronotype: Dr Richa Saxena, Dr Jackie Lane, Prof Susan Redline, Dr Sara Mariani, Dr Hassan Dashti and Prof Frank Scheer (Harvard Medical School), Dr Celine Vetter (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Vascular stiffness: Prof Vasan Ramachandran (Framingham Heart Study) and Dr Gary Mitchell (Cardiovascular engineering inc)