Mr Martin Eden BA, MRes, MSc, PhD

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I am interested in the evaluation of complex interventions where both health and non-health outcomes might be valued. I am currently working - alongside colleagues from Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute -  on a project about reducing harm from non-solar ultraviolet radiation.

In 2015 I was awarded a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship. My mixed-methods PhD looked at how non-health outcomes of complex interventions could be incorporated in economic evaluations. I did qualitative work and used stated preference methods to quantify trade-offs that individuals make for outcomes deriving from genomic-based diagnostic information.

I worked as health economist in the 3Gb-TEST consortium. This EU-funded project was aimed at understanding how whole genome sequencing can be implemented in healthcare systems across Europe. I worked on the Regard Project which was about developing and evaluating clinical genetics services for inherited eye conditions. Previous projects also include the WISE Study and the PINCER Trial.


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