Dr Mark Coleman

Senior Lecturer

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Teaching for 2018/19

For 2018/19 will be teaching the following three courses.


MATH20101 Real and Complex Analysis; The first half of the course describes how the basic ideas of the calculus of real functions of a real variable (continuity, differentiation and integration) can be made precise and how the basic properties can be developed from the definitions. It builds on the treatment of sequences and series in MATH10242. Important results are the Mean Value Theorem, leading to the representation of some functions as power series (the Taylor series), and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus which establishes the relationship between differentiation and integration.

MATH20132 Calculus of Several Variables

MATH4\61022 Analytic Number TheoryWe start by giving two proofs of the infinitude of primes. The methods are elementary but poor in that they do not tell us the truth of how many primes there are. Stronger tools are introduced, improving the results until we can indicate, at least in outline, a proof of the Prime Number Theorem