Dr Mark Cole PhD, Msc, Bsc (Hons), RN (Adult and Mental Health)

Senior Lecturer in Nursing

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Research interests

My PhD was titled: The Social Construction of Hand Hygiene as a Simple Measure to Prevent Health Care Associated Infection

I have particular interests:

The Social Construction of Heathcare Asociated Infection as a Health Service Priority

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Policy Language and the way that this Shapes Behaviour


Selected Papers

Bleakley G and Cole M (2019) Organ donation: reducing the risks of health care associated infection. British Association of Critical Care Nurses. Association of Critical Care Nursing 24, 3, 149-152.

Cole M (2018) Do we have to enforce non-compliance before we settle on more achievable guidelines? Nursing Standard. November.

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Cole M, (2005). Using a motivational paradigm to improve handwashing compliance. Nurse Education in Practice 6: 156-162.  






Methodological knowledge

Corpus Linguistics and Critical Discourse Analysis


Research and projects

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