Dr Marianne Camille Aznar

Senior Lecturer in Adaptive Radiotherapy

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At the University of Manchester

"Problem based learning" Semester 4, Dentistry students, FBMH (2018-present)

At the University of Copenhagen: "Introduction to Medical Imaging" (course director; audience: engineering BSc students 2011-2014); “Medical use of ionizing radiation” (audience: engineering MSc students, 2011-2014); "Molecular Imaging in Oncology and Haematology" (2012, co-director, audience: medical PhD students), “Clinical Cancer Research” (2013-2015, audience: medical PhD students)


For the European Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ESTRO, audience: radiation oncology professionals): “Multi-disciplinary management of breast cancer” (2010-present); "Image-guided radiation therapy" (2011-present, course director from 2014); "Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy" (2012-2015).


Other:  “Varian Advanced Techniques Clinical School”: international course for radiation oncology professionals (2009-2015); Oncology course for radiographer students (Metropol, Copenhagen, 2012-2015).