Dr Maria Pampaka

Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics

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Maria is a Lecturer holding a joint position within SEED (Manchester Institute of Education) and Social Sciences (Social Statistics).

Maria’s research is primarily in (mathematics) education focusing on learners’ attitudes and dispositions and their relationship with teaching practices. Most of her research involves primary data from longitudinal survey designs, and using advanced quantitative methods, measurement approaches and systematic reviews. One of her current projects involves a systematic review of mathematics anxiety, from both cognitive and emotional perspectives. Her research interests spread across various areas of social research methodology and advanced quantitative methods, including measurement and assessment with focus on the use of the Rasch model and other (Multidimensional) Item Response Theory Models, Missing Data and data imputation techniques and the application of tools from the complexity theory perspective (e.g. Agent based simulations, dynamic nonlinear modelling, etc).


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