Dr Maria Kopsacheili

Lecturer (TF) in Classics & Ancient Hist

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I’m a teaching-focused lecturer of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology and an expert in the material culture of the Hellenistic world with a particular interest in architecture and power, court culture and the notion of borderlands. Before joining Manchester in 2016, I had received a DPhil in Archaeology from the University of Oxford, where I had also worked in the research cluster Beyond the Borders: the History and Archaeology of Northern Greece (borders.classics.ox.ac.uk). My teaching career began in the universities of Oxford, Warwick, and Birkbeck, while in Manchester I’m involved in teaching at all levels.

I have also worked as an external collaborator in fieldwork projects in Greece and Albania, such as in the Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite on Tinos and the Roman city of Hadrianopolis near Gjirokaster. Most recently, together with three Manchester UG students, we participated in the excavation of the fortified site at Velika in Thessaly (the University of Oxford and the Greek Archaeological Service). When I’m not in the lecture theatre or the field, I work on the publication of my first book Palace architecture in the Hellenistic East: an archaeological study of a monarchical institution, which draws on my doctoral research. I’m also interested in the semi-mountainous region of ancient Athamania between southeast Epirus and Thessaly. My project focuses on settlement patterns, routes of movement and communication, GIS analysis and cartography.  

Areas of expertise

  • CC Archaeology - Greek Archaeology, Material Culture, Epirus, History of Architecture, the Hellenistic world

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