Dr Maria Cioata

Honorary Research Fellow

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My general area of research is Jewish and Christian literature, especially narratives, from the Second Temple period and the Middle Ages. This includes Hebrew Bible, apocrypha and pseudepigrapha, folklore, and the reception of biblical and apocryphal texts and motifs, in Medieval Judaism and Eastern Christianity. For my PhD I developed a comprehensive approach to the analysis of the Testament of Job. Having worked on one composition for my doctoral thesis, my postdoctoral research on the scholarship and collection of the Romanian-born Anglo-Jewish multi-disciplinary scholar and communal leader Moses Gaster (1856–1939, Haham of the Sephardic Community in the UK, 1887–1918) provides me with the opportunity to analyse a wide range of literature, including Hebrew Apocrypha and different examples of retelling of biblical narratives, particularly in Jewish and Christian Medieval literature. My British Academy funded project combines philology, 19th century intellectual history, and collection studies. It includes detailed analysis of several of Gaster's works, such as Literatura Populară Română, Illchester Lectures on Greeko-Slavonic Literature, and Romanian Bird and Beast Stories to determine his place in the history of scholarship, as well as an assessment of his library and his identity as a collector.  


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