Prof Maja Zehfuss

Professor of International Politics

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Supervision areas:

Maja Zehfuss is especially interested to supervise theses engaging with migration, ethico-political questions arising in relation to war, the production of ethics, the problematic of memory or the question of reality, or theses inspired by poststructuralist thought.


PhD Students


Dan Bulley, Ethics and Foreign Policy: Negotiation and Invention, ESRC funded. Awarded 2006. Winner of the Political Studies Association Lord Bryce Prize for Best Dissertation in International Relations/Comparative Studies in 2008.

Aggie Hirst, Encountering the Abyss: Deconstructing the Political Philosophy of Leo Strauss and the Straussian Interventions relating to the Invasion of Iraq, ESRC funded. Awarded 2010. 

Patrick Pinkerton, Biopolitics, Temporality and the International Presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ESRC funded.  Awarded 2011.

Tom Gregory, Rescuing the Women of Afghanistan: Gender, Agency and the Politics of Intelligibility, funded by the School of Social Sciences. Awarded 2012.

Nordin, Astrid, “Time, Space and Multiplicity in China’s Harmonious World”, ESRC funded.  Awarded 2012. 

Prieto Corredor, German, “The Role of Collective Identity and Regional Institutions in the Andean Community”. Awarded 2013.

O’Callaghan, Ronan, “Ethics as Response: A Critical Analysis of Michael Walzer’s Just War Theory in the Context of Iraq”, funded by the School of Social Sciences. Awarded 2013.

Johnson, Jamie, “The Politics of Violence in Afghanistan: Subjectivity, Temporality and Ethics”, funded by the School of Social Sciences. Awarded 2014.

James Alexander, “The Security-Technology Nexus: Investigating the interplay between politics, technological solutions and the market for security technologies”, ESRC funded.  Awarded 2014.

Copley, Clare, “Rewriting Wrongs: National Socialist Architecture and Contested Memory in Post-Unification Berlin”,  AHRC funded.  Awarded 2014.

Furtado Tavares, Henrique, “Politics of Impunity: Rethinking the Representations of Violence through the Disciplinary Role of the Brazilian Truth Commission”, funded by CAPES (Brazilian research council).  Awarded 2016. Winner of the 2014 ISA Theory Section Pre-PhD Paper Award and winner of the Best Postgraduate Paper at the annual Critical Terrorism Studies BISA Working Group (CSTWG) Conference.

Andrew Slack, "Docile Bodies? Power, Violence and Resistance in Contemporary Slavery", funded by the School of Social Sciences.  Awarded 2016.

Palmer, Will, "The visibility of the UK Armed Forces and the depoliticisation of war", funded by the School of Social Sciences. Awarded 2017.

Villanave, Sabrina, “The racialisation of security apparatus in Brazil”,  funded by CAPES (Brazilian research council). Awarded 2018.  


Vieira, Moisés, “Politics of hospitality in the National Health Service: Healthy bodies and surveilled subjects”, funded by the School of Social Sciences.