Dr Maeve Olohan

Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies

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Supervision of PhD research

I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students with excellent academic track records and innovative proposals related to workplace studies of translation, scientific and technical translation, translation technologies, ethnographies of translation/interpreting, translation pedagogy, corpus-based translation studies, among other areas. 

I am supervising or have supervised the following doctoral projects.


Yang Wu, in progress

A Corpus-based Critical Analysis of Conflict Metaphors in China’s Political Speeches and their English Translations (2004-20)

Néstor Singer Contreras, in progress

The Development of Translator Identity: A Phenomenological Study of Chilean Translation Students

José Gustavo Góngora-Goloubintseff, in progress

Translation in Wikipedia: A Praxeological Study of Normativity, Negotiation and Automation across Four Language Communities

Silvia Terribile, in progress

Humans in the Loop: Post-Editing Changes and Productivity

Rui Sun, in progress

Tracking Howard Goldblatt's Translation Style over Time: A Corpus-based Study on Syntax

Yuri Miyata, in progress

Comparative Study of Global News Framing: The Lucie Blackman Murder Case

Melanie Födisch, 2018

Managing Translation Projects: Practices and Quality in Production Networks

Si Cheng, 2018

Translation Competence Development among Learners: A Problem-Solving Perspective