Dr Luke Jones PhD., BA(Hons), Dip.H.E.,Teaching Cert.


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PSYC10302: Perception and Cognition (Visual Perception). 1st Year Course
PSYC21000: Psychology Futures. 2nd Year Course
PSYC30312: Time Perception on 'Landmarks In Perception Course. 3rd Year Course
PSYC30920: Project supervision. 3rd Year

PSYC60121: Psychophysics and computer modelling module on MSc NCCN Neuroimaging for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

I have a keen interest in the promotion of technology in tackling challenges in teaching and learning. Examples of my use of webcast tutorials to support my teaching can be found here

PhD Supervision


Ms Emily Williams

Registered: September 2015 (ESRC funded)

Thesis title: Investigating the Pacemaker component of the Human Timing System



Dr Elizabeth Lewis (as co-supervisor, main supervisor Dr Ellen Poliakoff)
Registered: September 2011, Completed 2015

Thesis title: An Investigation of the Rubber Hand Illusion and Multi-sensory Integration

Dr Clare Allely
Registered: September 2007 (ESRC funded)
Thesis title: Real Versus Psychological Time
Viva Passed December 2010
Currently Lecturer in Psychology at Salford University

Dr Ruth Ogden.
Registered: September 2005
Thesis title : The role of memory processes in timing
Viva Passed Oct 2008
Currently Lecturer In Psychology At Liverpool John Moores University


Masters (MRes) Supervision

Ms Emily Williams

Registered: September 2014

Dissertation Title: Investigating the link between Information Processing and the Perception of Time

Completed September 2015

Mr Thomas Hayes
Registered: September 2012
Dissertation title: A Psychophysical Investigation of Memory for Textures

Completed September 2013.

Mr Thomas Mullett
Registered: September 2009
Dissertation title: Time and Velocity: Exploring the relationship between the perception of time and velocity and their manipulation by repetitive auditory stimulation.

Completed September 2010.

Dr Rachel Ellis
Registered: September 2007
Dissertation title: Exploring The Auditory Kappa Effect

Completed September 2008,  completed a PhD in the Audiology department at the University of Manchester  in 2011