Dr Lukasz Stanek


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I am happy to receive inquiries from students interested in pursuing research related to my research interests:

- Architecture and social research: Critical debates, empirical applications, and political conditions since 1960s until today. Learning from Henri Lefebvre, neo-Marxism, CERFI, institutional analysis, post-structuralism, regulation theory, Science and Technology Studies. Materialist epistemologies of architecture.

- Global modernism: Rethinking, modification, questioning, and transformation of modernism as the techno-cultural mode of global urbanization since the 1960s. Alternative globalization (“mondialization”) of architecture and planning: socialist, Third-World, Non-Aligned, OPEC. History of architecture as a part of global labor history and its methodological challenges: distributed authorship, global division of labor, network analysis, “planetary urbanization”.

- Architecture and urban planning in socialism and after: a comparative perspective on Central Europe; knowledge transfer from socialist countries to the Global South and its consequences for global conditions of urbanization today; non-capitalist economies of architecture; “real existing modernism”; urban landscapes of post-socialism.