Prof Ludi Simpson

Honorary Professor (School of Social Sciences and Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research)

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Research interests

Current research projects:

Demographic projections, modelling and planning in the UK

Establishing and interpreting subnational demographic trends in Latin America

Ethnic identities and inequalities in Britain, the dynamics of diversity


Other research interests:

Census practice. The conduct, quality and output from Censuses; Race and statistics: Anti-racism and the racialisation of statistics; Making population statistics: Population estimates and forecasts, especially for sub-national areas; Look-up tables to link geographies: Conversion of data files between sub-national geographies in the UK.

Key past publications:

Demographic convergence? / ¿Convergencia demográfica? Book with Spanish and Portuguese contributions, edited with Leandro Gonzalez, 2018, published by the Asociación Latinoamericana de Población, supported by the British Academy.

National and Local Labour Force Projections, Ludi Simpson, first published in Local Economy 2017

Pupil number projections A common computer system Ludi Simpson report to North Ayrshire 14th Oct 2011

'Sleepwalking to Segregation'?, book with Nissa Finney, 2009, Policy Press: the link gives an extract with cover, contents and summary chapter.

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Research and projects

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