Prof Linda Davies

Professor of Health Economics

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Research interests

Examples of current projects include:


The economic results are published here: Camacho EM, Ntais D, Coventry P et al BMJOpen 2016; 6:e01251 and here: Camacho E, Davies L, Hann R et al The British Journal of Psychiatry 2018; 213, 456–463.

A multi-centre programme of clinical and public health research to guide health service priorities for preventing suicide in England.

ABC-06 Role Principal economist.

PARTNERS2: development and pilot trial of primary care based collaborative care for people with serious mental illness. Role Principal economist.

Effective home support in dementia care: components, impact and costs of tertiary prevention. Role: Principal Health Economist.

Neighbourhoods and dementia. Role Principal economist.

Improving the effectiveness of psychological interventions for depression and anxiety in the cardiac rehabilitation pathway (PATHWAY). Role Principal economist.

Remote Monitoring of RA (REMORA). Role Principal economist.

Focusing On Clozapine Unresponsive Symptoms (FOCUS): a randomised controlled trial. Role Principal economist.

Enhancing the quality of user involved care planning in Mental Health Services (EQUIP). Role Principal economist.

Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of BSL (British Sign Language) IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies).  Role Principal economist.

 Multicentre RCT to Evaluate the Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness of a Culturally Adapted Therapy (C-MAP) in Patients with a History of Self-Harm. Role Principal economist. Nusrat Husain, L Davies, C Roberts, Syed Mohiuddin, C Williams, C Chew-Graham, P Bee, K Chantler, N Chaudhry, I Chaudhry. MRC MR/N006062/1. 

 Multi Centre RCT of a group psychOlogical intervention for poStnatal depression in britisH mothers of south asiaN origIn - ROSHNI-D (The word Roshni means ‘light’ in Urdu/Hindi) Role Principal economist.

Enhancing the credibility, usefulness and relevance of patient experience data in services for people with long-term physical and mental health conditions using digital data capture and improved analysis of narrative data. Role Principal economist.

Methodological knowledge

  • Economics of mental health
  • Designs and methods of explanatory economic analysis of complex interventions
  • Patient and public preferences for process and outcomes of health care
  • Economic evaluation of complex and simple health and social interventions (exploratory economic modelling and trial based economic analysis)