Prof Lesley Rhodes BSc, MD, FRCP, FRSB

Professor of Experimental Dermatology

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Postgraduate degrees awarded:

  • PhD: Miss Nisamanee Charoenchon, University of Manchester, awarded 2016. Co-Supervisor with Dr Rachel Watson, “Can green tea catechins protect against photoageing?” 

  • MD: Dr Sarah Felton, University of Manchester, awarded 2016. "Risks and benefits of cutaneous sunlight exposure." Cancer Research-UK.

  • MPhil: Ms Gemma Darby, University of Manchester, awarded 2014. "Dietary bioactives in skin cell health". BBSRC Diet & Health Research Industry Club (DRINC) programme.

  • MD: Dr Khaled Roshdy, University of Manchester, awarded 2012. "Immunonutritional approach to protection from skin cancer." 

  • PhD: Ms Suzanne Pilkingon, University of Manchester. "Skin protection by novel lipids." BBSRC CASE studentship.

  • PhD: Mr Stuart Mills, University of Manchester, awarded 2011. “An investigation into the wound healing properties of photodynamic therapy”. UoM-Industrial partnership.

  • PhD: Dr Hanan Buabbas, University of Manchester, awarded 2010. “Investigation of normal and abnormal photobiological responses in pigmented skin”.

  • MD: Dr Rebecca Brooke, University of Manchester, awarded 2010. “Mechanisms of the acute erythemal response to topical photodynamic therapy.” British Skin Foundation Research Fellowship.

  • MPhil: Mrs Marie Durkin, University of Manchester, awarded 2010. “An examination of the ability of personal and recommended sunlight exposure levels to provide sufficient vitamin D levels.” Cancer Research-UK.

  • MD: Dr Tsui Ling, University of Manchester, awarded 2009. "Nature, impact and mechanisms of polymorphic light eruption." Research Fellowship, EU 5th Framework programme: Allergy to the sun, multidisciplinary investigation of the prevalence, pathogenesis and prevention of PLE across Europe (SUNALL).

  • MD: Dr George Evangelou, University of Manchester, awarded 2008. “Photodynamic therapy-induced modulation of gene expression in basal cell carcinoma”

  • MD: Dr Muneeza Rizwan, University of Manchester, awarded 2008. “Impact and control of photosensitivity conditions”

  • MSc: Ms Carolyn Humphries, University of Manchester, awarded 2002. Co-supervisor with N.K.Gibbs, “Effects of n-3 fatty acids in vitro on UVR-induced p53 expression”

  • MSc: Ms Katherine Wright, University of Manchester, awarded 2004. “An immunohistochemical study of the mechanisms underlying photodynamic therapy”

  • PhD: Ms Amy Storey, University of Liverpool, awarded 2002. "Protection by lipids in cultured skin cells." Medical Research Council (MRC) CASE studentship.

Degrees under supervision

  • PhD: Dr Kirsty Rutter, 2018-22, "Mechanisms underlying photosensitivity disorders." Lead supervisor. Clinical Research Fellowship, NIHR Manchester BRC.

  • MD: Dr Nick Collier, 2017-21, “Systematic reviews of the treatment and prevention of basal cell carcinoma.” Lead supervisor.

  • PhD: Dr Carol Cunningham, 2017-21, “Identification and Characterisation of Photosensitivity in Connective Tissue Disorders.” Lead Supervisor. Clinical Research Fellowship, NIHR Manchester BRC.

  • MD: Dr Amirah Alrashidi, 2017-20, “Drug photosensitivity – prevalence and prediction”. Lead Supervisor. International student.

  • PhD: Ms Octavia Borecka, 2017-21, “Exploring skin-age limits on the production of vitamin D in vivo”. Co-Supervisor. BBSRC Doctoral Training Programme.

  • PhD: Ms Aliye Basak, 2018-22, "Investigating the cutaneous lipidome to understand the molecular basis of photosensitivity disorders". Co-supervisor. MRC Doctoral Training Programme.
  • PhD: Ms Rehab Alyousif, 2018-22, "Longitudinal evaluation of sunlight impact on vitamin D status in countries at different latitude". Co-supervisor. International student. 


Student Theses

  1. Can green tea catechin supplement protect against photoageing?

    Author: Charoenchon, N., 31 Dec 2016

    Supervisor: Watson, R. (Supervisor), Rhodes, L. (Supervisor) & Farrar, M. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  2. Impact of Omega-3 PUFA on UV-induced Inflammation

    Author: Pilkington, S., 2011

    Supervisor: Rhodes, L. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. Impact of oral green tea catechins on UVR-induced skin inflammation

    Author: Darby, G., 31 Dec 2014

    Supervisor: Rhodes, L. (Supervisor) & Watson, R. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Master of Philosophy

  4. Protecting Against Skin Cancer Promotion: A Clinical Study to Assess theEffect of Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplementation on Photoimmunosuppression

    Author: Roshdy, K., 1 Aug 2012

    Supervisor: Rhodes, L. (Supervisor) & Gibbs, N. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Doctor of Medicine

  5. The Risks and Benefits of Cutaneous Sunlight Exposure

    Author: Felton, S., 31 Dec 2016

    Supervisor: Rhodes, L. (Supervisor) & Berry, J. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Doctor of Medicine