Prof Lesley Rhodes BSc, MD, FRCP, FRSB

Professor of Experimental Dermatology

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

Extensive interdisciplinary research collaborations locally and through Europe (fostered through involvement in 3 European Commission research programmes & networks), the UK and USA (including multicentre studies) and Australasia. 

Local team & collaborators include: Dr Donald Allan, Dr Amirah Alrashidi, Dr Jacqueline Berry, Ms Octavia Borecka, Prof Sylvia Bulfone-Paus, Prof Ian Bruce, Dr Nick Collier, Dr Carol Cunningham, Dr Mark Farrar, Prof Adele Green, Prof Chris Griffiths, Dr Nathan Hawkshaw, Dr Alex Kendall, Dr Richard Kift, Dr Abi Langton, Dr Liz Marjanovic, Prof Zulf Mughal, Prof Anna Nicolaou, Prof Cath O’Neill, Mrs Joanne Osman, Dr Suzy Pilkington, Dr Kirsty Rutter, Prof Andy Vail, Prof Rachel Watson, Prof Ann Webb.